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KnItaly 5-10.10.2022

I'll write this in english only, as it would take too long to translate to swedish and finnish... If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me at sticklager@gmail.com.

Last year I went to Italy on a knittingtrip. I had already fallen in love with this beautiful country one year earlier, this time I was totally in love. I couldn't let it go so this past fall I contacted a travel agency here in Jakobstad and asked for help.

As I don't have the rights of a travel agency, I can't do this alone. I presented them with the idea and what I want to do and they then look everything up and came back to me with the plans of a knitting retreat in Italy.

Now my plans are close to becoming a reality!

5.10.2022, Wednesday
Day 1

Finnair from Oulu at 5.50 am or Vaasa at 6 am to Helsinki. Finnairs flight from Helsinki to Milano at 8 am, we arrive in Milano at 10:05. We hop on the bus and travel to Barolo, with a stop in Gattinara, more about that later. 

3 course dinner and 1/4 wine at the hotel.

6.10.2022, Thursday
Day 2

Knit day at the hotel. We'll get to know each other and the surroundings. A walk in the vineyards, knitting, visiting Barolo...

3 course dinner and 1/4 wine at the hotel.

7.10.2022, Friday
Day 3

Workshop day!

On Wednesday we'll get to attend a class with the one and only, Julie Dubreux!

My dream sweater

Create your own sweater that fits your body shape and suits your fashon sense. Learn about top-down raglan sweater construction and proportions, and how to shape a sweater that is just right to make you feel good!

The workshop also focuses on how to adapt sweater patterns to your body and how you choose the size and ease that will work best for you.

For the class you need to bring scrap yarn and knitting needles that go with the yarn of your choosing.

In the evening we enjoy a 3 course meal with 1/4 wine.

8.10.2022, Saturday
Day 4

Info about this day will come a bit later on. We'll mostly stay at the hotel during the day.

Wine tasting in the evening before a 3 course dinner with 1/4 wine.

9.10.2022, Sunday
Day 5

A day trip with a local bus to nearby picturesque Alba.

3 ccourse meal with 1/4 wine.

10.10.2022, Monday
Day 6

We leave the hotel to take the Finnair flight at 19:00. We land in Vaasa at 01:05 or in Oulu 00:55 (after taking a connecting flight in Helsinki).


The prize per person, for a group of 20 persons:

1295 € / person, from Helsinki
1340 € / person, from Oulu/Vaasa

The prize per peson, for a group of 30 persons: 

1150 € / person, from Helsinki
1290 € / person, from Oulu/Vaasa

Prize, without flights: 

990 €, if the group is at least 20 persons
874 €, if the group is at least 30 persons

Single room: add 155 €

Tourist tax: 7,50 €, pay cash at the hotel when arriving or departing

The prize includes: 

- flights Finland-Milano, return ticket
- bus transfer in Italy
- 5 nights at Hotel Barolo, including breakfast
- 5 dinners at the hotel, 3 courses and water and 1/4 wine
- Wine tasting
- Workshop with Julie Dubreaux


You need a valid passport or EU-identification. We reserve the rights to make changes in the program or prize. Read more on ingsva.fi, "Bra att veta".


When you sign up, you get a bill of 150 €. That is your reservation fee. 45 days before the trip the rest is to be payed. At that time we know how many participants there are and can calculate the total prize. On the 20th of July we have to confirm the flight seats to Finnair, that is the final chance to sign up.


You can sign up beginning NOW! You sign up by sending the following information to sticklager@gmail.com:

- Full name (as written on your passport)
- Your adress
- Phone number/e-mail
- possible food allergies


So, feel free to send me an e-mail and sign up for the trip of the year 2022!!!

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