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How to ge to the knittingcamp...

This post is in english only! Ask, if you want it translated into swedish or finnish.

So, Pörkenäs is situated by the sea, on a beautiful sand beach surrounded by cliffs. Pietarsaari is the closest town, from the center of town it's about 10 kilometers to the campingsite.

How do you get to the camp?

  • If you fly from abroad, you fly either to Vaasa or Kokkola airport, the second being closer. You then get picked up by someone going to camp, we are all willing to help a knitter out! 
  • If you come by train, you come to Pännäinen railwaystation. If there is a big group of you, a taxi is the best option. I will book this for you in advance, if there are about 5 knitters, it amounts up to about 20 € per way. It takes about one hour from the railway station to the camp.
  • If you come by bus, for example Onnibus, you get off in Edsevö. From there someone will pick you up. 
  • And by car, just drive all the way to the camp!

When you get the e-mail that you secured a spot at the camp, there are a limited spots available, usually it takes about 5-10 minutes for the camp to get full, you can ask to be a part of a group on Facebook, where we discuss everything that has to do with the camp.

Questions? I'm happy to answear all questions you might have, just leave me a comment below!

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